Monday, July 19, 2010


We went out to MO for about 10 days to visit some of Dean's Family! We had such a great time..I can't beleive how much all the kids have grown, They are all so stinkin cute!! Everyday was full of fun!! I cut and colored LOTS of hair!! :) I'm happy that i got the chance to do that, I felt like it was my way of helping out a little!! We loved every minute that we spent there! We miss everyone so much! I feel like everytime I visit Dean's Family i grow closer and closer to them!! I look forward to future visits to get to know everyone that much more. For those that are having some hard times living in MO, I wanted to let you know that i look up to all of you! You have all grown so much, I feel that you are all stronger with in your families! You can feel that the love so strong!!! I'm sure that things will turn around for all of you!!! Thanks again for letting us stay with all of you!! I'm so lucky to have married into such an amazing family!!! We Love you so much!! For all of you in AZ we miss you too!! Can't wait to see you all again!!!!
Precious Little Emme Wearing the head band Auntie Laura Made

Does anyone recognize this....."Win a date with Tad Hamilton"!!

Some of my Niece's and two of my sister-in-laws!!

Heidi's Oldest son Mason is getting baptized today!!!

After Mason's Baptism we went to Adam-Ondi-Ahman..It is so Beautiful there!!

Brad's Family

Brad & Heidi

Dinner at Wabash BBQ!! It was SO good!! Thanks Heidi and Brad!!

Kaler's Birthday Party..He's a big teenager now!!

On our way to Chillacothe to celebrate the 4th.

HHMM i think that mason and Jay are learning to much from Uncle DJ.. As soon as the camera comes out..the goofy faces are in full force!!

Best Friends
Aaaww cute little Emme

4th of July Pot-Luck at the church with family and friends!
Some of my super cute niece's!!

Some of my beautiful sister-in-laws!!

We went to a park to watch the fireworks..We had to wait a few hours for the show to we all just hung out :)

Right before this picture poor little Jaylen got lost in this huge crowd of people..He walked almost a mile looking for us..When we found him he was only a few feet away..We were all so worried, as you can see in this picture his big brother Mason was so sad the his little brother was lost! Mason held on to Jay for the rest of the night! It was so Precious!

Uncle DJ and Alys!!

Beautiful Kenzie!
Cari & sheri
waiting for the fire works to start.
Little bit of Chin Pie for Emme..She laughs like crazy!!
Some of the kids watchin the fireworks on top of the car...

Lookin Good Heidi! :)

In MO you have to drive FOREVER to get anywhere..Which equals a whole lot of sleeping!!

Dean's new hair cut!! He was so excited...It was a sad day when i made him shave it off :(


  1. okay i laughed so hard especially about the sleeping part. Between our two blogs I think danie is sleeping most the time.

  2. Soo true..I think i have at least two other pics of her sleeping in the car!!

  3. I love it!!! I miss you too.... :( and DUH like you said it takes FOREVER to get anywhere!!! Driving puts me to sleep!! haha it just means you all are BORING company!! NOT...hahah love ya

  4. k i laughed my butt off! great post. we loved having al of you here. i cried when i read your note you left. i hung it in the guest room. tht was so thoughtful. i hope to see you guys soon ove you soooo much

  5. Yea, I'm glad you found our blog! We miss you guys and can't wait for you to visit!