Monday, May 31, 2010


We all needed a vacation, so we packed up the cars and drove down to Fort Myers. We had so much fun! It seems that when you are on vacation all your troubles drift away! I wish that my life could stay in vacaction mode. I would love a stress free life!!

Eating dinner on Fort Myers Beach.

Beautiful Sunset!!


Cute little baby..Look at those chubbs

The Condo we stayed in

Dean laying out on the dock

Wow look how Tall Dean is!!

Me & Jackie!!



Family Love



Work it!

Kamryn chillin by the waterfall

We have to go down 19 Floors to get to the pool..The condo was so high up!

Heading down to the pool...

Dean's dream Car

Put'em Up!!!!

Little Sock over her head!!

Going Shopping at the outlet Malls

Time Out!!

Doing what they do best!!

First Night at the condo..waiting for Sam and Jackie to get there! They didn't get in untill 3am!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everything Happens for a reason !!

On mother's Day Dean and I announced to all of our family and friends that we were having a baby. Well yesterday was a sad day, while in the ER I was told that I lost the baby. I know that there is a meaning for everything, and it wasn't in God's plan for us to have a baby right now. Maybe we need to wait a little while before we try again. Dean and I decided that I would take some time to try and lose some weight and try to be as healthy as i can before i try again!! Also another thing that worries me is that at my work we use something called Keratin on clients hair. It is a process that restores the missing protein in the hair and helps to make it healthy. Well little did i know that once you heat the hair to 400' the chemical turns into formaldehyde!!! The process takes over two hours, and i can't even tell you how many i have done! And not once did my work tell my what the product contained, nor did they tell me that it causes birth defects, and you can not be any where near it if you are pregnant or breast feeding!! So for the most important part of my pregnancy i was breathing in the horrible stuff!!! And get this...they don't even ask client's if they are pregnant or breast feeding. So i think that i'm going to have to quit my job if I'm going to want a healthy baby in the future!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Married 6 months!!! I love him so much!!!!


This picture was taken right after i told Dean that he is going to be a daddy!!! He was so excited!!!!

We were trying to figure out how to tell my mom!! We wrapped up the tests and gave them to her for Mother's Day!!! She was so excited!! Along with Dean's whole Family!!!

Jenny & Brian's Trip to FL!!!!

I'm so happy that they came out to visit us!! Crazy how life works, they showed up when most needed!! We love you!!! Thanks for everything!!!

Poor Jenny got fried!!!

Jenny the Dolphin!!!! I LOVE YOU JENNY!!! HAAAHAAA

Jenny on the phone with Heidi, rubbing it in how much fun she is having in FL :)

Everyone went boating with out me...someone around here has to work!!!

Caladise Island.
My mom and Jenny!

Jenny & Brian


Waiting for EVER to eat at this restaurant on the beach!!

Beautiful sunset picture at Clearwater Beach!!